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Does Self-Tanner Remover Work? (Is It Worth Buying?)

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Self-tanner remover is one of those products which most people don’t know about until they come across a situation when they need to use it (yes, those streaky lines all over your legs!). Read on to find out if these removers really work, and how effective they actually are in removing self-tanner.

Does self-tanner remover work?

Self-tanner remover is a product which is sold by many different companies, and each major self-tanning brand usually has their own remover formula. It claims to be a quick fix to remove any self-tanning mishaps or for times when you just need to get rid of your fake tan.

In most cases, these clever products are quite effective at removing your fake tan, however this success rate can be variable between different brands or products as the formulas do differ ever so slightly. Nevertheless, this is comparable to self-tanners themselves – some work and some don’t – and the tan removers are generally quite a good solution.


How does it work?

Knowing that self-tanner removers work on its own may not be enough information for you, and you may want to know exactly how these removers work. Like many products, as mentioned earlier, different brands tend to produce slightly different removers, so they may have slightly different processes in terms of using them, but there is one method which should work for most.

If you want to find out how to use a regular self-tanner remover, here are the instructions to follow!

  1. Start with dry skin in order for the tan to work. Ideally, skin which doesn’t have any moisturiser on it, either, is best as this creates no barriers between the tan remover and your skin. If you think your skin isn’t dry enough, hop in the shower for a minute or two, wash your body, and dry it with a towel, waiting until it is completely dry before starting the process.
  2. Apply the remover liberally using your hands, ensuring that you have applied a generous layer to your entire body, or the entirety of the area where your wish to remove the tan. This layer doesn’t have to be too thick, so you don’t need to waste the product, but it does need to be enough that it has covered the whole area well.
  3. Leave the product on for around 5-10 minutes to let it work into your skin. This step is where there will be most variation between products, so be sure to check this.
  4. Rinse the remover off with warm water in the bath or shower (although the shower is most practical). If you have a removable shower head, using it to run right along your skin while you rub off the product in these areas is a good way to do this. You can also use a wet facecloth.
  5. If there is any excess tan left over, use an exfoliating body scrub or mitt to remove the tan in these more stubborn areas. These places tend to be the driest ones, such as the ankles or knees.
  6. Finish with some nourishing moisturiser or body lotion and you’re good to go or have another attempt at applying your self-tanner!

If you are removing your self-tanner because it went wrong, make sure to leave at least 1 days after applying it, to ensure it has fully developed and won’t end up doing so later to leave you with a very patchy tan which you don’t want.

Do you really need one?

For some people, self-tanner removers are just another clever concept made by companies to make you part with your hard-earned cash, while others believe in their utility and usefulness from a practical point of view. Obviously, no-one can really tell you what you should and shouldn’t buy as this is up to you yourself, but you can always take the advice below!

If you are worried about the potential possibility of ‘messing up’ your self-tanner, or ending up in a situation when you need to fix it, this handy solution may be a good thing to have ready, especially if you’re a beginner, or trying out a new product or type of self-tanner. It’s also a useful thing to have if you’re someone who just likes to be prepared and think ahead, saving yourself from an awkward situation in the future.

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On the other hand, there are other methods you can use to remove self-tanner if you need to, so this may be something you’d rather give a miss, especially if you’ve been using self-tanner for a long time, or you don’t think you’re very likely to be making mistakes. As you can see, whether or not a self-tanner remover is worth it for you depends on your personal circumstances and ability within the self-tanning world.

I want to remove self-tanner ASAP. Will a self-tanner remover help me?

We’ve all been in one of those situations when we need to remove our self-tanner ASAP. Whether it’s due to a big tanning disaster, your tan hasn’t come out in the same colour as you expected, or whether you just need to remove any old self-tanner ready for an event, being in a rush can really test our skills for adapting to our situation, and we are usually ready to try anything available.

As these products are generally fast-acting and effective at removing your self-tanner, they’re probably your best option, especially if you’re in a rush. To be honest, there isn’t really anything like them for just quickly removing a large mass of tan from your skin, all over your body. Self-tanner removers are quick to use, and they can also be used for smaller areas which need a quick fix, such as your orange palms, too.

If you can’t go out to get a specific thing, or it won’t come in time for when you need it if you order it, there are alternative methods of removing self-tanner out there, but some work better in different situations or circumstances. However, as mentioned, nothing is quite as effective as a self-tanner remover itself for any area or circumstance.

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Final thoughts

As mentioned earlier, self-tanner removers are a product which you don’t generally come across very often, but they can be quite useful and effective. Some products will be better than others, and there are alternative methods of removing tan as well – it’s completely up to you which method you decide to use.

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