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How to Stand in A Spray Tan Booth (At Home vs. Salon)

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If you’re considering getting a spray tan from a spray tanning booth, or you already are and want to know what to expect, the way you stand can make a big difference to how your tan looks overall. In case you were wondering, here is how you should stand in a spray tan booth.

How do you stand in a spray tan booth?

If you haven’t heard of them before, spray tan booths are a method of spray tanning but, rather than being performed by a professional with a handheld spray gun, they are applied whilst standing inside a booth, by a machine which sprays jets of solution onto your skin, somewhat like the jets in a hot tub. Because the machine can’t communicate with you, or tell you what to do, it’s important that you know how to stand in order to get the best results.

Stand up tall, making sure you’re not leaning backward or forwards too much, and have your hands by your sides. When facing the jets (when they’re spraying your front) have your arms slightly bent to the sides of your body with your palms facing behind you and making sure that your arms are not covering any area on your front, just have them completely to the sides. When you are facing the back of the booth (when the jets are spraying your back), adopt the same position but just have your palms slightly in front of you, so they are covered by your body and don’t get sprayed.

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The way you stand is generally the same in each tanning booth unless, of course, the staff at the salon tell you otherwise. Standing in the way described above will ensure that your entire body gets an even coating of tanning product, and no areas are missed. Try your best to stay still whilst the jets are spraying you as this will ensure that they do actually reach everywhere on your body.

I’m doing a spray tan at home. How should I stand in my spray tan tent?

When you are standing in a spray tan tent for an airbrush spray tan, the position you need to stand in can be much more flexible, as you don’t have to stand still the entire time and you have more control over the spray gun.

In general, the best way to stand is straight with your arms by your sides, but not touching them, and your legs slightly apart. Basically, you don’t want anything to be touching. Then, you can move your arms up or down to tan different areas, so the position you stand-in can be whatever works for you – not as fixed as in a booth.

What if I’m doing it on my own?

If you are doing your spray tan in a tent at home, the same things apply. The process is hardly different except for the fact that you will most likely have to move around a little more in order to reach areas that are more difficult.

You can stand in the same position, to begin with, making sure that nothing is touching, and gradually work your way around your body by working in sections. Using a mirror can also be very useful rather than having to keep tilting your head around to see different parts of your body.

You can move around as much as is needed but just makes sure that you don’t touch the tent or any part of your body as this may smudge the tan.

Do salons share instructions before a spray tan session?

If you have gone to a salon to use the spray tanning booth there, the staff in charge should share any necessary information with you about your tanning session, including how you should stand, or what to avoid whilst in the booth.

There are other instructions which they’ll share with you, such as telling you to apply barrier cream to the palms of your hands or stepping on footpads before entering the booth. All of these things are important for effective tanning results, and most salons will walk you through the entire process before anything takes place.

If your salon hasn’t shared this information or clear enough instructions, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. After all, it’s their job to make sure you know all the necessary information so you get the best tan you possibly can. As long as you are aware of what to expect in the booth, and what to do, everything will be fine.

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What if I don’t follow instructions?

We have all been taught to follow instructions from a young age, for our own safety, others’ safety and just to avoid any confusion or conflict. Obviously, any instructions the salon gives you are important, and there for a reason, so it’s a good idea to follow them.

If you don’t follow instructions in general, you will most likely experience streaks, patchiness, or just a disappointing tan. There are some specific instructions which will have specific consequences if not followed:

  • Not using a barrier cream on your hands or anywhere else you have been asked to use it can result in orange palms or tanning solution reaching places where it shouldn’t.
  • Not using a hair cap or similar can result in the spray tan coating your hair and this will cause problems later and you might not be able to get it out, especially if your hair is blonde.
  • Not using the feet pads or stickers provided can leave your feet orange or with some unusual streaks or lines.
  • Moving around too much or not staying in the correct position in the booth can result in streaks, patchiness, or uneven coating.

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Final thoughts

Once you know how you should stand in a tanning booth, and what to expect, the process is a bit less daunting and it seems easier and more familiar the more times you visit the salon. Now that you know how to stand and what instructions to follow, you can go to get your spray tan with confidence!

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