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How to Take Off Self Tanner Quickly? (My Favorite Methods)

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In the first article, I talked about how to apply self-tanner evenly and today I am going to talk about how to take self-tanner off.

When it comes to self-tanning, we all develop different tricks and a tanning routine that is the most efficient. Some say that it takes too many steps to either achieve the perfect tan or to get rid of it, but once you start tanning and creating your own routine, you will never even think of that anymore.

When it comes to taking off your self-tanner, I would recommend you wait at least four days before taking it off. You see after you apply your self-tanner, it will develop even more in the next few days so why not just enjoy the tan you have and when it really gets patchy, just pop into the shower and start scrubbing.


I personally use the Bondi Sands exfoliation mitt, which I think is the best when it comes to deep exfoliation. I remember I ripped one of them and I did not have a spare, so I went to my local drug store and bought a random exfoliation mitt and it did not do anything. I left the shower with painful arms (it really was an arm workout) and patchy skin.

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I have tried so many exfoliating mitts but none of them do the job like the Bondi Sands exfoliation mitt. You can also try with other exfoliation products like body scrubs, which will probably do the exfoliating part, but they will not get rid of self-tan fully.

You also need to know that you need to prep your skin for a new layer of glorious tan, but if you don’t get rid of the old tan, you’ll probably be patchy and we don’t want that, so just make sure you get rid of ALL tan.

My favorite ways to remove self-tanner from my body

Pop into a shower

I think the perfect way to get rid of the old tan would be taking a bath in your tub. I noticed that when the skin gets enough moisture, the tan would come off so easily you do not even have to scrub like a maniac, which sometimes I do, to be honest. You sit in your tub, relax, and when you get tired of doing so, just start scrubbing.

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The tan will come off super easy.

However, if you have a basic shower as I do, you will have to make sure your skin soaks up the water and that means washing your body and applying both shampoo and conditioner twice. Just leave your skin to really soak up the moisture and then start scrubbing.


I would NOT recommend shaving first and then scrubbing because your skin will burn. Trust me, I learned that from my own mistakes. First, exfoliate and then shave the parts that need to be shaved.

Do cardio

This is another thing I find very helpful and it may seem odd to you, but it really works. The day I decide to take off the old self-tan, I do an intense cardio workout. That way my pores can actually breathe and they kind of help me eliminate the tan that’s left in my pores, so the scrubbing gets a lot easier.

Waterproof electric body exfoliating brush

I saw a lot of women using the electric body exfoliating brush when removing self-tan, which can save you a lot of time and upper body pain. I have not tried one yet, but I am eager to try it. The only thing I am worried about is the fact that the brush bristles are probably too soft to do deep exfoliation.

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Other than that, I would absolutely love to try one out. I saw there is a 5-in-1 electric brush and one of the brushes is bigger for body usage. I really need to test it and I will let you know how it worked for me.

Self-Tan remover

Bondi Sands has developed a self-tan eraser, which helps you get rid of your tan more easily. It has a foam consistency and you only need to shake the bottle, apply it to the skin, leave it on for five minutes, hop into the shower, and use a warm cloth to remove the stubborn tan. If there are any dry patches, use the exfoliating mitt to get rid of them.


I have to say, I tried the self-tan eraser and when you pop into the shower you see how the self-tan leaves your body, but it does not get it off in total, even when using the cloth. The only way I get rid of self-tan is by doing HIT cardio, then soaking my body, and then scrubbing.

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It takes me five to seven minutes to get rid of all the tan. I also did a day without cardio, applied the self-tan eraser, hopped in the shower, and started with the exfoliation and it took me 20 minutes to get rid of it.


You probably already have your own routine when it comes to applying and getting rid of self-tan, but if you are new in the self-tan world and you want to learn how to get rid of it as easily as you can, I really hope this article helped you.

A quick summary:

  1. Wait four days before getting rid of your tan
  2. Do a cardio workout before scrubbing
  3. Give your skin moisture either in the bath or under the shower
  4. Start scrubbing using the exfoliation mitt

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