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Does Self-Tanner Come Off In The Pool? (Saltwater or Chlorine?)

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Self-tanner is the perfect way to achieve a flawless summer glow without damaging your skin, and the poolside is a great place to show off your colour. If you are wondering if you can maintain your tan whilst taking a swim in the pool, here’s everything you need to know!

Does self-tanner come off in the pool?

In most cases, no, self-tanner won’t wash off in the pool, however, you should avoid going in the pool for a few hours after your tan has developed. Once the tan is developed, there is no danger of it being rinsed off in the pool. Pool water can accelerate the fading process of your self-tanner slightly, but it won’t wash it off all at once.

Swimming straight after you have applied self-tanner is obviously a big no-no, as the colour is still developing on the surface of your skin. You should always wait for the self-tanner to develop (and rinse it off in the shower) before coming into contact with any water as this can smudge or make the tan streaky.

So, it’s also best if you wait for a few hours after rinsing the developing tan off before going in the swimming pool. This is because it gives the tan time to fully develop and properly settle into your skin without the excess on top. The various chemicals in swimming pools could potentially interfere with the tanning process, so being patient is the best solution for this.

self tanning and water

For best results and peace of mind, wait a day or two before swimming after your tan has been rinsed off as this will ensure that there will be no problems. As long as you follow these instructions and wait for your self-tanner to dry and develop, you shouldn’t experience any streaks, patchiness, or entire removal of your tan.

No matter whether or not your tan has developed, there is still the possibility of the pool water causing an acceleration in the fading process. In other words, your self-tanner starts to gradually fade after it has reached maximum development, and the pool water can make this happen faster.

If you’re only having a short dip in the pool to cool off, or only using it for one day, the results of this fade should be minimal, if none. The longer you spend in the pool, the more likely the tan is to fade faster, so just bear that in mind.

It’s not just the chemicals in the water which can interfere with your tan, however. Even just being in the water itself can cause the upper layers of skin, where the tan is, to separate easier and this also causes fade.

The best way to avoid as much damage to your tan as possible is to rinse under freshwater or in the shower straight after coming out of the pool. This will rinse all of the chemicals from the water off of your body to ensure they have minimal contact and interference with your tan.

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Does self-tanner come off in chlorine?

Chlorine is the chemical used in most swimming pools to keep the water clean and safe to swim in. It is known to dry out skin, which can result in a faded tan, but it’s not usually powerful enough to actually ‘bleach’ your skin.

In some public pools, the chlorination levels are higher than in privately-owned pools (say in your garden) because of health and safety requirements. The chlorine can prevent the spread of germs and infection in the swimming pool, which is what it’s there for.

Chlorine can dry out your skin, and higher concentrations are even known to bleach the skin or clothes, but these concentrations aren’t found in swimming pools. In pools with higher concentrations of chlorine, you may find your skin is dried out faster and this will result in your tan fading faster.

As mentioned before, it isn’t just the chlorine in the water which makes your tan fade – it’s also the submersion of the skin in the water itself.

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Does spray tan wash off in saltwater?

A spray tan can still fade in saltwater, such as from the sea, but it is less obvious than in chlorine water. This is because there is still water involved in the process, but there aren’t any extra chemicals to accelerate this.

Just like in pool water, you should wait for your spray tan to dry and develop before going into the sea. When you get your spray tan done, the person who does it will probably advise that you avoid sweating or coming into contact with water for 24-48 hours, or something similar. Swimming is included in this, and you should follow this advice to ensure your spray tan doesn’t rinse off.

As the water itself is known to separate the cells in the top layer of the skin, the tan can still fade, but this shouldn’t be very noticeable, as long as you don’t spend too long in the water. Obviously, there’s nothing to say you can spend a long time in the sea with a spray tan, but you should be aware that it will fade faster.

Does spray tan wash off in the rain?

If you haven’t had your spray tan on for very long, there is a risk of it rinsing off in the rain and leaving you with streaks and marks all over. This will only happen if the tan has not yet developed, but you are safe once you have taken your first shower!

Like before, the person who does your spray tan will advise you about how long you should wait before coming into contact with water, which is normally about 24-48 hours. After this time, you can shower, and you may notice a little excess which rinses off. After you have taken your first shower, there is no risk of the rain ruining your spray tan, so you can go out for the day with confidence!

Unlike in the sea, the rain won’t have major effects on your tan fading, as you don’t spend a long time soaked in the rain, so not much difference will be made.

Final thoughts

Overall, your self-tanner should be safe and streak-free to wear in the water, as long as it has developed, and the same goes for your spray tan. It’s easy to maintain and keep your beautiful, bronzed glow by the pool, the sea or even in the rain without ruining it, as long as you are careful!

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