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How To Spray Tan With Eyelash Extensions? (Guide)

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Eyelash extensions and spray tans are two ways in which you can pamper yourself, and change how you look, but do they go well together? Obviously, they look great in the end, but the real question is ‘can you spray tan with eyelash extensions, and how?’

How do you spray tan with eyelash extensions?

Although eyelash extensions can possibly cause some inconvenience when it comes to getting a spray tan, there are ways to work around this ‘issue’ and different people deal with it in different ways. In short, you can get a spray tan with lash extensions, and there are few different ways below.

Firstly, if you get lash extensions often, you’ll know that there is a period of time – 24 hours – during which you cannot come into contact with any water, such as a shower, but the spray tan counts for this too. So, if you’ve just had them applied, spray tanning within 24 hours is definitely a no-no.


A good way to get around this is to take your old lashes off just before you get a spray tan, and go to get them replaced just after, if this fits into your ‘lash and tanning’ routine. However, most people don’t get them replaced as often as they get a spray tan, so this only really works when the two align.

Another way to avoid ruining your eyelash extensions when you get a spray tan is by getting your tan done by a salon professional or yourself – anything which involves a handheld gun rather than a tanning booth. This way you can let whoever’s doing your tan know that you want them to avoid your eye area, and this will protect your lashes from the spray.

If you’re looking for the best, most failproof way to tan with your lash extensions, avoid the face completely with the tanning solution at first. Then, top up your face by yourself using self-tanner, such as tanning drops, and this will allow you to avoid your lashes, but still achieve a gorgeous glow. This method is probably the best, as the tanning drops don’t apply like a spray, and you rub them in like a serum instead, giving you much more control.

Of course, there are other ways in which people spray tan with their lash extensions, but the ones suggested above are the most effective.

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Do I need to take them off before getting a spray tan?

Taking your lash extensions off completely before your spray tan will obviously prevent them from getting ruined or turning weird, but is it completely necessary to take them off? In short, the answer is no, but you still can take them off if you’d like.

As mentioned earlier, most people get their lash extensions re-done less often than they get a spray tan but lining up the two appointments where possible (such as moving your tanning appointment to suit your lash appointment) is a good idea. The best way to do this is by taking your old lashes off just before your tanning appointment, getting a spray tan, waiting for a bit (more on that later) and then getting your lash extensions re-applied.

If I don’t take them off, will they discolour after a spray tan?

Nevertheless, not everyone will be willing to take their lash extensions off before every tanning appointment, especially as they won’t need to be removed as often as you may be getting your spray tan.

The truth is, there’s no need to remove your lashes for every tanning appointment, as there are ways you can prevent them from getting discoloured. The method mentioned above of avoiding applying spray tan to the face and then using self-tanner or not using it around the eyes is perfect and will not result in your lashes getting discoloured.

If I take them off, how long shall I wait before putting them back on again?

If you choose to take them off, there are still more questions that you may have about this process, and here are some answers. After you have taken your old lash extensions off, you can go to get your spray tan done, and then you’ll have to wait for a certain time.

Eyelash Extensions

When you get a spray tan, the oils in the formula can be strong enough to break down the glue which is used when applying lash extensions. The best thing to do is get your tan applied, allow it to develop for the given time (usually around 8 hours), rinse it off in the shower, and then have your lashes re-applied. This way, the tan can’t interfere with them.

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Final thoughts

In the end, it is, in fact, possible to get a spray tan when you have lash extensions, but there are just a few things you’ll have to be aware of. Nevertheless, there are a variety of options available for you if you want to have both, and maybe you’ll even find your own way of working it out too!

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