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Best Body Wash for After Spray Tan (My Recommendations)

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It’s no secret that spray tans aren’t cheap, and after having one, you’ll want to do everything you can to preserve it fully and make it last as long as possible. One way you can do just that is through the body wash you’re using, so read on to discover the best ones for a spray tan.

Bondi Sands Body Wash

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If you’re into your self-tanners, or just into the beauty industry in general, you’ve probably heard of the iconic Australian brand, Bondi Sands. Not only do they sell some incredible self-tanners and bronzing products, but their aftercare range is commendable, too. Take this body wash, for example.

You can choose to have this body wash in either their classic, coconut scent, or with a unique, tropical rum twist. No matter which you choose, you can be sure that the gentle, pH balancing formula will protect your tan. And, to finish the entire routine off, you can even purchase a matching tan-safe body lotion in either of the two scents, too.

Norvell Post Sunless Tanner Self Tanner pH Balancing Body Wash

Norvell Post Sunless Self Tanner pH Balancing Cleanser - Body Wash, 8.5 fl.oz
126 Reviews
Norvell Post Sunless Self Tanner pH Balancing Cleanser - Body Wash, 8.5 fl.oz
  • MAKE A CLEAN BREAK: Say so long to self-tan -sabotaging soap with this body-balancing, sulfate-free color optimizing body wash that will refresh and recharge your skin without letting your faux glow fade into the sunset.
  • SCENT-SATIONAL: Sweet-smelling warm vanilla fragrance will instantly lift your mood, while leaving a subtle, scrumptious kiss of a sugar scent on skin.

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Another highly regarded brand in the beauty industry, who specialise a little more in spray tans themselves, are Norvell. No matter whether you’re a beginner looking to purchase an entire spray tanning kit to use at home, or you just want a maintaining body wash like this, they’ve got you covered.

This body wash is another pH balancing formula, which utilises special ingredients to optimise the appearance of your tan, simply by balancing out your skin. It’s complete with a warm vanilla scent to give you a sugary boost before going about your day and works as the perfect pick-me-up that doesn’t compromise your colour.

The formula is also cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free, so you can say goodbye to any nasties, and non-comedogenic so it doesn’t clog your pores.

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California Tan Sunless Body Wash

California Tan Sunless Body Wash, 6 Ounce | Extend & Protect Sunless Tan | Long-Lasting Bronze Glow
  • Protect and perfect bronze color
  • Free: Sulfate Free and Paraben Free

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Another body wash formulated specifically to extend and protect your spray tan, this one from California Tan, a slightly small brand than the previous two, is sure to work for you. It protects your bronze whilst also enhancing it without the use of any sulphates or parabens.

In addition to the formula being sulphate free, it’s also a very gentle formula, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Alongside aloe vera, included for its soothing, skin-calming benefits, honey and banana extracts also help to moisturise the skin.

To top all of this off, the product has a fresh, sunny fragrance to remind you of tropical summer vacations.

The Right to Shower Sulfate Free Body Wash, Hope

The Right to Shower Sulfate Free Body Wash, Hope, Aloe Vera + Dewy Moss, 16 Fl Oz
  • The Right to Shower Hope Body Wash is designed to be fair, wholesome and good for all with a sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, and mild on the skin formula
  • Let our moisturizing body wash uplift your body and mind with the refreshing scent of creamy aloe and dewy moss with a touch of avocado, sweet clover and sage

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If doing good while you enjoy your fantastic products is your vibe, this body wash is the perfect option for you. As well as its impressive formula, which we’ll talk about in a minute, the brand has some incredible ethics.

The company are using the profits they make from their body washes to convert ordinary trucks into mobile showers for those who need them, because everyone deserves the right to shower. As well as this, all formulas are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and the bottle used for the product is made from 100% recycled materials, too.

Onto the formula itself, this product is another sulphate free formula, and it’s clear of any other nasties, too. The aloe and dewy moss scented product includes ingredients that’ll soften and renew your skin, so there’s no need to worry about the product stripping it too much. Plus, the scent is uplifting and enjoyable, so you can savour every moment that you use it!

Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash, Fragrance Free (Pack of 3)

Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash, Fragrance Free, 12 Ounce (Pack of 3)
  • 12-fluid ounce bottle of Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash gently cleanses and removes dirt and impurities from skin while providing soothing relief of dry, itchy skin
  • The unique formula of this daily body wash is enriched with soothing oat to help nourish skin without disrupting your skin's natural moisture barrier for soft, smooth and healthy-looking skin

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If you’ve ever used a skincare product from the brilliant brand Aveeno, you’ll be aware of how gentle and soft these products are on your skin. When you’re trying to prolong the lifetime of your spray tan, this is exactly what you should be looking for, as anything too stripping will simply remove the bronzing ingredients.

Not only are you greeted with the silkiness of moisturised, well cared-for skin when you use this cleanser, but you’ll also have peace of mind that there are no harsh chemicals removing your tan in any way. This means you’ll get a good cleanse without having to say goodbye to your precious colour.

Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash, Fragrance free (Pack of 3)

Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Refreshing Body Wash, For Dry To Normal, Sensitive Skin, Mother's Day Gifts, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Fragrance Free, 16.9oz Pack of 3
  • CETAPHIL ULTRA GENTLE BODYWASH: Gentle formula cleanses even the most sensitive skin without stripping it of its natural moisture
  • SOFT, REPLENISHED SKIN: Formulated with aloe vera, vitamin B5 and a unique combination of moisturizers to leave skin feeling clean, soft and replenished

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Another brand known for their consistently gentle face and body products, suitable for dry and sensitive skin, are Cetaphil. This formula is completely fragrance free, making it a good choice for anyone who experiences dryness or sensitivity, as there are no fragrant ingredients to irritate the skin.

It also contains aloe vera, which is well-known for its hydrating, soothing and repairing properties, to give your skin a supple softness. Alongside this, you’ll find vitamin B5, another ingredient famous for its hydrating abilities. Not to mention, it’s a dermatologist tested product so, if you’re in any doubt, that should assure you that you’re in good hands.

OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Body Wash

On Sale - $3.79
OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Body Wash, 19.5 Fl Oz
  • MOISTURIZING BODY WASH: Envelop your body in moisture with this creamy, ultra-hydrating blend. Massage generously all over body in the shower. For best results exfoliate with OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Polishing Body Scrub and follow with Miracle Oil Lotion
  • INDULGE YOUR SENSES with this ultra-hydrating blend from our Extra Creamy plus Coconut Collection, enriched with coconut oil, essence of tiare & vanilla bean extract. Restore moisture to the driest skin with this fast-absorbing, rich & creamy tropical blend

If you click Buy on Amazon and make a purchase, I'll earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The last product, but most certainly not least, on this list is the OGX Creamy Coconut Body Wash. You may have heard of the brand before, and they’re particularly popular when it comes to haircare, but this product is for your body.

As the name suggests, it comes with a creamy, silky texture that glides onto the skin as you use it and leaves it feeling smooth and replenished. This product is suitable for those with dry skin especially, as it ensures that the skin isn’t dried out too much when used, as this could contribute to tan fade. And finally, it’s also sulphate free.


body wash

How do you wash your face after a spray tan?

Washing your face after you’ve had a spray tan isn’t too different to how you’d normally do so, but there are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind. The first thing is that you can’t wash your face until you’ve taken your first shower, which should be six to eight hours after the spray tan application.

Another thing to keep in mind is the ingredient list of your facial cleanser. To protect your spray tan, as well as your skin, you should avoid products containing sulphates, as these can be overly stripping and cause a faster fade of the colour. It’s also best to avoid fragrance, as this can strip the skin, and exfoliation is a no-no.

Should I wait before showering after a spray tan?

We’ve established some of the best body washes to use once you do come around to showering after your spray tan, but when will that be exactly? Of course, your tanning technician will tell you all of this if you go to a salon, but it’s good information to be aware of beforehand.

Post spray tan, you should wait at least six, but more preferably eight, hours before stepping into the shower, or coming into contact with any water for that matter. This allows the tanning solution to do its job properly and be soaked fully into the skin before steeping in the shower, which would otherwise wash the solution off before it’s been absorbed.

Why should I use a certain body wash after a spray tan?

For many people, a body wash specifically chosen to prolong your spray tan just seems like another way that companies try to cheat you out of your money. While, in some instances, this may be the case, most spray tan safe body washes are formulated specially to protect your tan.

On the other hand, many regular body washes contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that can cause them to strip your skin, and this can result in stripping your tan. In turn, it results in a faster fade and potential patchiness, which is why it’s always best to use products formulated to work with a spray tan, not against it.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to prolong your spray tan, a body wash is the trick. Once you’ve finished washing your body, make sure to apply a good moisturiser in order to seal in that hydration and prolong your tan even further. Now that you’ve got plenty of options in terms of spray tan safe body washes, there’s no need to worry anymore!

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