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How Does Exfoliation Help with Stretch Marks? (Explained)

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We’re constantly surrounded by ideal bodies, and it’s easy to feel insecure about features such as stretch marks on your legs, stomach, and other areas of the body. Exfoliation is a technique used to treat lots of different skin concerns, but how about stretch marks? Let’s find out.

What are stretch marks?

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You may have seen stretch marks before, and you’ve likely got some on your own body, so you’re probably familiar with the appearance of stretch marks, and exactly how they look. However, if you’re not aware of this, stretch marks generally look like thin, light-toned stripes across certain areas, found on the skin. They usually show up lighter than the rest of the skin tone, and in broken, wispy lines.

Although you may not have thought about your stretch marks like this before, stretch marks are actually a type of scar, which is why many people find it difficult to reduce their appearance or remove them completely.

As the name suggests, stretch marks are usually caused when the skin either stretches or shrinks really quickly, such as during pregnancy or a fast fluctuation in weight. When the skin is either stretched or shrunken significantly faster than normal, the rate of cell turnover in the skin isn’t fast enough to keep up with the change in size.

The sudden change in size can cause two of the most important elements of the skin’s structure – collagen and elastin – to rupture, meaning the skin loses its original structure.

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How does exfoliation help with stretch marks?

When And How to Exfoliate Before a Spray Tan featured

If stretch marks are often seen as a negative aspect of the body (although it’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with having them on your body, and the effort of removing them is purely a personal, aesthetic choice) it makes sense that people try to remove them where they can. One suggested method for this is exfoliation, but how can this process potentially aid the clearing of your stretch marks?

Improved TextureRegular exfoliation can help improve the texture of the skin affected by stretch marks, making them appear smoother and more even over time.
Increased CirculationExfoliating the skin promotes blood circulation, which can aid in the healing process and potentially reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Enhanced Product AbsorptionBy removing dead skin cells, exfoliation allows skincare products, such as creams or oils, to penetrate more effectively and potentially improve the appearance of stretch marks.
Stimulated Collagen ProductionExfoliation can stimulate collagen production, which may contribute to the skin’s elasticity and help diminish the appearance of stretch marks.
Improved Overall Skin AppearanceExfoliating regularly can lead to a more radiant and rejuvenated skin appearance, which can help reduce the visibility of stretch marks.
Table 1: Benefits of Exfoliation for Stretch Marks

As you may already be aware, stretch marks don’t usually tend to clear themselves alone, as they are a form of scar, and require some sort of treatment if you’re expecting to clear them.

The truth is that regular exfoliation can, in fact, help to remove your stretch marks and reduce their appearance. Using another treatment for stretch marks alongside it can make this even more effective, too.

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When you exfoliate, the tool or product you choose to use removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, and these cells are soon replaced by newer ones as cell turnover takes place. By exfoliating, you can also increase the rate of cell turnover, and that encourages your skin to regenerate itself even faster.

The reason why this is so beneficial in terms of your stretch marks is because the newer skin cells which replace the dead ones which have been removed tend to be more elastic and, gradually, as you increase exfoliation, this can make stretch marks look smaller and lighter.

In other words, exfoliants can help with your stretch marks as the newer skin cells bring ore of the properties that old cells are lacking, such as stronger elastic powers, and this can improve their appearance.

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Dead sea salt scrubs are a great option for smoothing your skin and reaping benefits from other ingredients, too. Dead sea salt is harvested from the Dead Sea, which borders both Jordan and Israel, and one thing that makes it unique is the assortment of minerals you can find in it.

For comparison, dead sea salt has around ten times the mineral content of any other sea salt, and these all help to purify and detoxify the skin.

HEETA Body Brush, Round Handle Solid Wood Bar Bristle Brush

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Another choice for exfoliating your body is to use a shower brush like this one, which can buff the skin and remove dead cells this way. Not to mention, brushes like these have been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite through a process known as ‘dry exfoliating’ as well as removing stretch marks thanks to the tough bristles.

Plus, the bristles are natural, and the handle has an ergonomic grip to make it easier to use and control.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, Body Oil for Scars and Stretch Marks

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Unlike the previous two products, this Bio-Oil is a product which is well-trusted in the skincare industry for removing any kind of skin marking and scarring, including stretch marks.

While it’s proven to be effective even when it’s just used on its own, you could consider using it along with a body scrub or brush to enhance your routine and increase efficacy even more.

Final thoughts

While you should never feel like it’s necessary to remove your stretch marks and should feel comfortable in your body as it is, there’s always also the option for anyone who makes the personal choice to remove their stretch marks. If this sounds like you, exfoliation may be just the trick for you.

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