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How Do You Use an Exfoliating Brush? (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Amongst the range of exfoliation products and tools available to us today, an exfoliation brush is one of many options, and it’s something you may have come across before. Whether you’re familiar with the handy tool or not, here’s the complete guide to its use, and even some products recommendations to get you started.

What is an exfoliating brush?


Firstly, we need to start by establishing what an exfoliating brush is – there’s no point in finding out about how to use it until we do. And, the truth is, the term ‘exfoliating brush’ covers a variety of different products, and many brushes look different to others, as they’re suited to different purposes.

One of the most commonly used exfoliating brushes in skincare is one for the face, which can be either manually powered or electric. You may have seen this before, and they’re often also popular when it comes to cleansing the face, especially when they have a very mild exfoliating power. However, they are one type of brush, and can be very useful when it comes to exfoliating the face.

Brush TypeDescription
Manual BrushA handheld brush with bristles or fibers designed for manual scrubbing motions.
Sonic BrushUtilizes sonic vibrations to provide gentle and effective exfoliation.
Electric BrushPowered by a motor, electric brushes rotate or oscillate to exfoliate the skin. They often come with interchangeable brush heads.
Silicone BrushMade from soft silicone bristles, these brushes are gentle and hygienic, suitable for all skin types.
Bristle DensityBrushes can have varying bristle densities, from soft and gentle to firmer bristles for more intense exfoliation.
Table 1: Types of Exfoliating Brushes

Another type of exfoliating brush is one used on your body, which is usually made of a wooden or plastic handle attached to thick, coarse fibres made to scrub your skin. these are usually the most popular option for the body, as they tend to be rougher than those used on the face, making them more suitable for the body and its thicker, tougher skin.

The final type of exfoliating brush can be found for both the face and the body, and it’s a soft brush made from silicone or a similar, rubbery material to scrub around the skin. Often, these brushes are used in conjunction with a scrub to make them more effective as they’re otherwise very gentle alone.

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Are exfoliating brushes good for your skin?

sensitive skin by Anastasija Thirsty for tan

Although there are a few different types of exfoliating brushes out there, they all do the same job, and their differences generally stem from their different strengths, as well as whether they’re suitable for the body or the face. However, regardless of the type you choose to use, they offer the same benefits, so it’s time to take a look at those specifically.

One advantage of using an exfoliating brush in comparison to any other exfoliation method is that you can easily find a brush with the right strength and texture to suit your skin. These tools have been upgraded significantly and you can even find one which is electric, meaning it’ll be perfect for your skin, and you can find the balance between too harsh and too soft.

If that’s not enough to convince you of its powerful advantages, an exfoliating brush can also improve your complexion considerably. For example, when the dead skin cells are removed from the upper layer of skin, they’ll reveal a fresher, more youthful and brighter skin from beneath, and also help to reduce the appearance of pores.

Not to mention, they can remove dirt and grime from deep in your skin, de-clogging your pores and helping to clear acne. So, in a nutshell, yes, exfoliating brushes are good for your skin, and they’re an amazing tool to use for your skincare needs.

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How do you use an exfoliating brush?

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Now that you’re probably very interested in using one of these tools for yourself, you may be curious about how to use it, and fortunately, it’s not difficult at all. Using an exfoliation brush is simple, and it’s even easier if you’re using an electric one!

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the skin on your face tends to be much more delicate and prone to damage than that on the rest of your body, so it’s important that you remain gentle on both your face and body, but particularly on your face.

Before you begin to actually exfoliate your skin, you need to start by cleaning the surface. If you’re working with your face, cleanse using your normal cleanser as you usually would, and leave your skin damp. If you’re on your entire body, start by washing your body in the shower or the bath with a shower gel or similar product.

It’s important that you cleanse before exfoliating as this removes any surface dirt, allowing the brush to get straight below the surface of the skin, without obstruction from any of the grime that was there before. Now, take your exfoliation brush and scrub your skin in circular motions all across either your face or your body.

With a silicone brush (one which isn’t very harsh at all), you may choose to use an exfoliating scrub in addition, to fully benefit from the process. Continue scrubbing for approximately a minute in each area before rinsing and drying off.

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How do you clean an exfoliating brush?

Concerning your new favourite skincare and body care tool, it’s important that you’re remembering to clean it off after use, as it is full of your dead skin cells, after all. While you may be able to get away with leaving it after the first use, you mustn’t abandon the idea of cleaning it after a few uses, as your dead skin will only build up.

Soon, it’ll become a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt, especially if you keep it in the bathroom, where the environment is already warm and damp. So, to avoid this, it’s easy to clean your brush.

You can take some of your favourite soap onto your fingers and use this to scrub between all the bristles and crevices of the brush to begin. It’s good to be rough and work the product in as deep as possible to ensure that everything has been cleaned thoroughly and there’s nothing left. Then, follow by cleaning the handle and any other casing on the brush to finish the clean.

To get an even deeper clean, use a toothbrush (one that you’ll never use on your teeth, obviously) to do the same, as it can enable a more precise clean.

True Glow by Conair Sonic Facial Brush

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This electric, waterproof facial brush is perfect for cleansing your skin as well as exfoliating it, and it works like a toothbrush, where the head spins in circles to achieve a deeper exfoliation. It’s great for more sensitive and delicate skin, as it’s not too powerful, and is also ideal for everyday exfoliation for any skin type.

Face Scrubber

Face Scrubber,2 Pack Soft Silicone Scrubbies Facial Cleansing Pad Face Exfoliator Face Scrub Face Brush Silicone Scrubby for Massage Pore Cleansing Blackhead Removing Exfoliating,Cool Gift for Girl
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Face Scrubber,2 Pack Soft Silicone Scrubbies Facial Cleansing Pad Face Exfoliator Face Scrub Face Brush Silicone Scrubby for Massage Pore Cleansing Blackhead Removing Exfoliating,Cool Gift for Girl
  • Made of premium quality & food-grade silicone, safe & long-lasting & soft.
  • Hundreds of soft 100% silicone scrubbing bristles with 2 differnt kind of scrubbing textures, they can effectively and gently exfoliate & deep clean skin, smooth your skin for radiant results.

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If you’re looking for something a little less high-tech, this pack of two manual silicone face brushes covers everything you need for both you and a friend! As mentioned earlier, you can use this type of brush either alone, with just water, or with a scrub, using the brush to work the product into the skin further.

Thanks to the silicone material, these brushes are easier to keep clean and maintain, having a more hygienic nature. That makes them perfect for someone who doesn’t want to keep cleaning them.

Exfoliating Brush for Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair Treatment

Dylonic 3 Pack Body and Face Exfoliating Brushes for Ingrown Hairs Treatment, Razor Bumps, Shaving Irritation - Silicone Scrubbers Gift Set, Skin Exfoliator Brush Dry Brushing Loofah for Smooth Skin
  • Banish & prevent bumps – Toss out the expensive soaps, creams that only irritate your skin! This brush is the key to getting rid of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Treat and prevent unsightly red spots after shaving or waxing with this exfoliating brush!
  • Smooth & soften any skin type – For sensitive to dry skin, coarse to curly hair — stubborn razor bumps don’t discriminate! Our unique design features super fine bristles for gentle razor bumps and ingrown hair.

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This product is similar to the previous one, but specifically for the body, and comes with an additional face brush, too. The handle on the body brush allows you to get an excellent grip when exfoliating, enabling the best scrub possible. Not to mention, the bristles are the perfect balance between tough and flexible to work around your body and still prove effective.

Metene Shower Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles

Metene Shower Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles, Bath Dual-Sided Long Handle Back Scrubber Body Exfoliator for Wet or Dry Brushing
  • Long Handle Back Brush: 17 inch wood handle to scrub all those hard to reach places
  • Soft Nylon Bristles: Soft nylon bristles to gently clean and effectively wash skin, which can effectively clean the skin and protect the skin

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Lastly, this body brush is more like the traditional shower brushes you may be used to seeing, and it has a double-sided design, where one side is tougher bristles and the other is softer, making it great to use all over the body to adjust the strength required. In addition, it’s got a long handle which allows you more accessibility when using.

Final thoughts

For anyone who’s on a journey to find the perfect exfoliation technique to suit them, exfoliating brushes are certainly a contender. Not only are they affordable and reusable, but you don’t need to worry about potentially irritating ingredients, like you do with a scrub, making them great for anyone with more sensitive skin, too.

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