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How Do You Clean Your Spray Tan Tent? (2 Methods Explained)

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Spray tanning tents are useful things when spray tanning at home, as they protect your furniture and other items from getting dirty, but they need cleaning afterwards too! If you’re wondering how you can clean your spray tanning tent in the easiest and most effective way, read on.

How do you clean your spray tan tent?

Spray tanning tents are easy to maintain and use, as well as being incredibly practical, once you know what to do and how to clean them.  How often you clean your spray tanning tent depends on how often you use it but, if you use it regularly, cleaning it after each time you use it is the best idea. If you don’t use it very often you may want to clean it whenever seems appropriate, such as every few weeks, as well as every time you use it.

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Below are some different methods which you can use to clean your spray tan tent.

Method #1: Hosepipe

For this first method, you’ll need to take your spray tanning tent outside so this works best for people who have a garden or large enough outside space. It’s also a good method if you are looking for an easier, fast method to clean the entire tent.

Start by taking a garden hose and using it to spray down the entire tent, inside and out, making sure to rinse everything as thoroughly as possible. Follow this by taking some dishwashing liquid and a sponge (you may want to fill up a bucket with warm water and washing up liquid) and use this to scrub over the entire surface, focusing on areas which have excess product build-up or stains.

Finish the whole process off with another rinse of water from the hosepipe and leave the tent out to air dry for a while, before packing it away.

Method #2: Wipe-clean

If you have just used the spray tanning tent, and it hasn’t got too dirty, or you are just getting it out to clean after not using it for a while, this method is both the easiest and most practical.

All you need to do is take a damp cloth with some warm water on it and use it to wipe over the tent, removing any excess product which has been left on the surface of the tent after a spray tan session, or removing any dust which may have built up. Although this step doesn’t seem necessary, it’s still important and this wipe-down doesn’t have to be too thorough, as long as it removes the most part of the dirt.

Next, take a cleaning wipe with a scent which you like, or a cloth with some nicely scented multipurpose cleaning spray and use this to wipe down the tent from any leftover residue and leave a fresh scent. Finish by wiping down with a dry cloth and pack away once dry.

How can you maintain the spray tan ten properly?

Although spray tanning tents aren’t usually too expensive, you should still take care of and maintain yours, so that you don’t have to keep buying new ones for no reason, as that’s just a waste of money. Here are some tips for maintaining your spray tan tent:

  • Clean it after every use: every time you use your spray tanning tent, clean it thoroughly using the instructions as listed above to ensure that all product has been removed and it is properly clean. Doing so will ensure no stains and will also remove any dirt or residue which could later develop into mould when the tent is being stored, and therefore mean you have to get rid of it.
  • Choose a black tent: although the colour of the tent that you choose isn’t exactly a form of maintaining it as such, having a black spray tan tent will make stains less obvious and this will mean that you won’t decide to get rid of it because it has been covered in stains over time. Even if you clean the tent, stains can still appear, but this won’t be the case if your tent is black.
  • Store it carefully: the way that you store you spray tan tent can affect how long it survives, as being careless or rough when putting it away can cause rips or bends in the material or parts, therefore making it unsuitable to use in the future. Choosing a pop-up tent when you buy it will also make this storage process easier and less likely to break.
  • Clean it thoroughly: as well as cleaning the tent after every use, making sure to clean it thoroughly is equally as important. If you clean the tent after every use, but don’t clean it properly, there’s no use in cleaning it in the first place. Another thing to keep in mind is to let the tent either air-dry or wipe it completely dry before packing it away to prevent mould or damp from harvesting.
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Should different types or brands be maintained differently?

With many things, different types and different brands of products are generally used and cared for or maintained differently, as they have been made differently and have different risks associated with them. Obviously, spray tan tents are another thing which come in different styles, as well as from different brands, so should they be maintained differently?

The main type of spray tan tent is a pop-up style, made of an easy-to-wipe material, as this is very practical and not too expensive for companies to manufacture. The material is usually also very durable, so you don’t have to replace it very often and obviously, easy to clean after a tanning session. These tents are the best option for home use, and also the most popular.

There are also other types, such as booths, but these are usually very different and have specific cleaning instructions which you should follow in order to maintain them, as they are usually more expensive. Generally, these types don’t fall under the category of spray tanning tents, either.

Other than this, the process of cleaning different tanning booths is the same. If there are specific ways to clean the tent which have been included in your specific instructions, you can obviously follow them but, as long as your tanning tent is made from a similar material, there should be no harm in using the instructions above.

Final thoughts

So, it turns out spray tanning tents aren’t that difficult to clean, but it’s a good idea to do so after each use to prevent any mould or bacteria growing when it’s stored. For all the furniture and money, you save by using a spray tanning tent, and therefore not staining all your personal items, it’s completely worth it.

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