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What Do You Wear After A Spray Tan in Winter? (Before & After)

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Spray tans are a fast-track pass to gorgeous glowing skin all year round, but the process of getting a spray tan in the winter does actually vary from the summer in a few ways. We will answer all your questions about what to wear in the winter before and after a spray tan, so read on!

Spray tanning in winter – should you do it?

If you have had a spray tan before, it was probably for an important occasion or because you wanted to enhance your own natural beauty. Spray tans are particularly popular in the summer as they give you a summer colour without having to spend days at the beach or lying in the sun, letting the harmful rays from the Sun damage your skin. However, you may not be so certain about spray tanning in the winter.

However, spray tanning in the winter isn’t too unusual, despite the fact that most people have lost their summer colours by then and your skin is probably fairer during that time. Tanning salons are still open in the winter and getting a spray tan can be a good way to uplift your mood and do something for yourself which also benefits your appearance.

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What do you wear before a spray tan in winter?

The clothes that you wear for a spray tan are more important than you may think as they can affect how your spray tan results overall and what you wear before and after the appointment are included in this. Something as simple as remembering to plan a little ahead of time by wearing appropriate clothing can benefit how your tan looks in the end.

During the winter, the weather is much colder than it is in the summer, so wearing shorts and a tank top isn’t really an option. Normally, before an appointment, you would wear clothes which you plan to wear straight after the appointment too, which is why they’re so important. In terms of shoes, you can wear anything you like, and avoiding wearing socks, if possible, is a good idea to prevent your feet from sweating. The best option is to wear trainers which are low at the ankle are the most suitable option as they cover very little of your legs while still keeping your feet warm enough.What Do You Wear After A Spray Tan in Winte

Accessories such as hat and scarves are best to be avoided, if possible, as they will create unnecessary friction and are also known to make you sweat. Instead, opt for a warm, but not too warm, coat or jacket.

Avoid wearing jeans if possible as they will rub against your skin a lot and are very likely to smudge your tan. Choose something like leggings or tracksuit bottoms instead.

What do you wear after a spray tan in winter?

As mentioned, your clothes are and important thing to consider before your spray tanning appointment. If you wear the wrong clothes, some things could get stained and you may also run the risk of fading or smudging the careful application. There are different things which are appropriate to wear both straight after the appointment, as well as in the days which follow.

The clothes which you plan wear after your appointment should have two qualities: they should be dark in colour and they should be loose or baggy if possible. Clothes which are darker are less likely to get stained by the spray tan while it is still developing as there is a risk that the excess colour will transfer onto your clothes, which is completely normal. Loose or baggy clothes are good because they come into less contact with the skin than ones which are skin-tight, making them harder for colour to transfer onto in the first place.

Straight after the appointment, choose clothes which fit into the description listed for wearing before the appointment and ensure that they are as suitable as possible as a dark colour, loose or baggy and also not too warm or cold, so you don’t sweat.

During the next 1-2 days after your appointment, there is still as risk of the product transferring, so try to keep wearing clothes as dark as possible, but jeans are okay to wear as there is no risk of them smudging the colour once the developing stage is over, aftewr your first shower.

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Additional tips for getting a spray tan in winter

As well as the clothes you wear, there are some other tips and tricks which can be helpful to know when getting a spray tan in the winter. These are listed below:

  • Spray tanning salons are generally cheaper to visit in the winter as there is less demand for glowing bronze skin at this time, so salons benefit the most from lower prices. On the other hand, you will also benefit from this as winter is the cheapest time to top up your colour!
  • It can be tempting to just get your legs or arms tanned, and not your whole body, as you show much less skin during the winter months, but having your whole body spray tanned is completely worth it to prevent any awkward situations which might reveal some funky tan lines around your arms and legs.
  • In the winter, most people have lost their colour from the summer, so choosing a lighter spray tan than you have in the summer will look more natural and flatter you just as much as a darker colour would in the summer.

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Final thoughts

As long as you put some additional thought in before you go out or plan any important events and occasions, getting your spray tan in the winter is still very easy. Really, it’s a no-brainer, and the one of the best ways to treat yourself during the cold months to something you enjoy, while also strutting your enviable colour.

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