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Wondering if “Tanning Beds Whiten Your Teeth?” (Explained)

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Tanning beds are amazing tools when it comes to achieving an effortless, glow that looks like you just got off the beach. However, it is a common misconception that tanning beds alone can help to whiten or brighten your teeth. This is because people with darker skin tones have the appearance of whiter teeth due to the contrast between the shades.

While your teeth may look whiter in contrast to your flawless, freshly bronzed skin, this is merely an illusion. Tanning beds cannot whiten your teeth when used on their own. In fact, they have the exact opposite effect and can end up causing unintentional damage to the color and quality of your teeth.

Different types of lights can impact different areas of your body in different ways. For instance, tanning beds use UV light, which is highly effective when it comes to tanning and bronzing up your skin. However, UV light isn’t an effective method when it comes to brightening or whitening your smile.

Tanning BedsLowLowVariesModerate
Professional WhiteningHighHighExpensiveModerate
Whitening ToothpasteLow to MediumHighAffordableHigh
Whitening StripsMediumMediumModerateHigh
Natural RemediesLow to MediumHighAffordableLow to Moderate
Table 1: Teeth Whitening Methods Comparison

Other types of lights, such as LED lights can help to boost the effects of hydrogen peroxide when applied to your teeth and eliminates discoloration. This is the type of light form that is present in professionally designed tooth whitening devices. LED lights have been proven to be less harmful to teeth and more effective when it comes to whitening.

Teeth Whitening Products Designed for Tanning Bed Use


If you’re looking to knock out two birds with one stone and achieve a teeth whitening session along with your tanning session, some products are designed to do just that.

Twilight Teeth is a product made with a formula that is specially designed to effectively whiten your teeth while you tan. The mint-flavored gel absorbs during your tanning session and leaves you with a brighter, noticeably whiter smile at the end of your session. Through the combination of their patented P6 whitening gel with the powerful UV light of the tanning bed, this product will leave you with a brightened smile that is noticeably whiter.

Along with the no-rinse gel solution, you will receive a mouthpiece for tanning bed use and an additional UV light mouthpiece in case you do not have time to make it to the tanning bed for your regular session. This tooth whitening method stands out for its effective results that don’t trigger tooth sensitivity like other methods of whitening do. After one session of whitening with Twilight Teeth, your smile will stay noticeably whiter and brighter for up to six months. However, some periodic touch-ups may be beneficial.

Twilight Teeth Whitening Kit | Specially Designed Kit Includes Whitener Gel, Mouthpiece For Tanning Bed Use & A Powerful UV Light Mouthpiece For At Home Whitening | No Rinse Gel Whitener Formula
  • Twilight Teeth brings the same whitening process used in dental offices, to the comfort of your home.
  • This specially designed kit can be used during a tanning session or on-the-go thanks to our UV Whitening Light.

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Although this product is safe for use in tanning beds, it is important to be extremely cautious while applying and using any sort of tooth whitening solution while you tan. If you do not follow the instructions carefully or apply the solution correctly, it can burn your gums, leaving you with an uncomfortable result. If you have sensitive gums or gingivitis, it is recommended that you stay away from this product because it can cause further damage to your already fragile gums.

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How to Protect Your Teeth from Damage in The Tanning Bed

Although the damage that tanning beds can cause to your teeth is minuscule, it can build up over time with years of consistent tanning bed use. However, the real risk of damage is to your gums and not your teeth. If you are tanning with your mouth open or your gums exposed, they can get burnt and begin to blister, which is a less than ideal outcome. To protect your gums against the UV rays that are present in a tanning bed, you should make sure that your mouth remains closed throughout your entire session. This is the only way to prevent exposure and protect your gums.

To keep your teeth protected, you should also avoid using any teeth whitening solutions that are not intended to be used with UV lights. Using conventional whitening strips while tanning can heighten your teeth’s sensitivity and cause irreversible damage to your teeth. For those reasons, it is best to save the whitening strips for at-home use only.

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