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Is Self-Tanner Safe During Pregnancy? What About Breastfeeding?

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Self-tanner is a popular beauty procedure which you can do from home whenever you like. During pregnancy, it’s important to make sure you are using safe products and chemicals to prevent any future complications. If you are wondering whether it’s safe to use self-tanner during pregnancy, here’s everything you should know.

Is self-tanner safe during pregnancy?

Whilst you are pregnant, it is safe to use self-tanners, and there is nothing in them which can cause any damage or complications in the future. If you choose to use a self-tanner during pregnancy, it’s still important to keep some things in mind to ensure safe use.

As mentioned, self-tanner is, overall, a safe product to use when pregnant, and is a little self-care ritual you can integrate into your routine. Compared to other methods and beauty procedures, self-tanner is a very safe option for you and your baby, as long as you use it correctly and safely.

One of the first things to ensure is that you do not inhale any fumes from the product. This may sound a bit random, but there is a chemical known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA) found in self-tanners, and that is what pigments your skin. Scientists don’t yet know how safe it is when inhaled so avoid the fumes when using it.

In terms of how the DHA works, it only absorbs into the top few layers of skin, so it doesn’t go into your bloodstream or anything similar. In this respect, DHA is safe for you and your baby, and won’t interfere with hormones or anything like that.

An obvious point to keep in mind is to avoid eating the fake tan or letting it get into your system somehow. If applying self-tanner to your face, be careful when rinsing it and make sure it doesn’t get into your mouth during the application, either.

During pregnancy, your hormones are constantly fluctuating, so your skin may become more sensitive at different stages than it is normally. To avoid any unexpected allergic reactions, perform a patch test on the back of your hand or a similar, discreet place 24 hours before using the self-tanner, to determine whether or not it is safe for you to use.

Self-tanning mousses, creams, lotions, drops, and mists are all safe to use as long as you’re careful, and they are your best options, compared to other methods, but we’ll talk about that later.

If you are still unsure or cautious about using a self-tanner, you can always speak to your nurse or GP for professional advice tailored to you.

Are organic self-tanners safer to use during pregnancy compared to non-organic ones?

As well as regular self-tanners, you can often find organic self-tanners, which means they don’t contain unnatural or harmful chemicals or ingredients. Some people may feel more comfortable with the peace of mind when using them during pregnancy, but is there any difference?

In the beauty industry, there are no real or strict regulations to ‘clean’ or ‘organic’ products, which is something to keep in mind when purchasing these self-tanners, so you should always check the ingredient list too if you are looking to avoid specific ingredients.

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That being said, organic self-tanners are generally free of parabens, which are a group of chemicals known to interfere with your hormones – something you don’t want to happen at all, but during your pregnancy especially. If you don’t want to go completely organic, you can always opt for another self-tanner which is paraben-free.

Organic self-tanners aren’t necessarily always better than their non-organic counterparts, but it depend on what you are looking for from your self-tanner. Both are safe to use during pregnancy.

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Is it safe to use self-tanners when breastfeeding?

It’s important to keep you and your baby safe after your pregnancy, too! If you are wondering whether you can use a self-tanner whilst breastfeeding, the short answer is yes – you can. There are, however, some things to look out for.

Obviously, the first thing you should make sure is that you aren’t using the self-tanner anywhere near where the baby will be breastfeeding. In other words, avoid applying it to the breast area, especially the nipples.

It’s safe for you to be wearing the self-tanner, as DHA (the pigment-causing chemical) only works in the top layers of the skin so, as mentioned, it won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream. This means it doesn’t affect your baby whatsoever when breastfeeding, as long as they don’t come into direct contact with it.

Should I use a different tanning method instead of self-tanners?

As well as the various self-tanner options available, there are other tanning options out there. The most popular are tanning tablets, sunbeds, spray tan, and sunbathing itself.

When it comes to tanning tablets, these release chemicals into your body to increase your tan from the inside, out. The chemicals they release could be potentially harmful to your baby, so it’s best to avoid self-tanning tablets.

Sunbeds have lost popularity in recent years after studies have shown how dangerous they can be – more than the sun itself. Sunbeds aren’t usually the best option anyway, especially not when pregnant.

The ingredient in fake tan which pigments the skin, DHA, is found in both self-tanners and spray tans. Although it is safe to use on the body during pregnancy, scientists don’t know enough about it to determine if it is safe when inhaled. For this reason, you should stay away from spray tans whilst you’re pregnant.

Lastly, sunbathing itself will obviously have no effect on your pregnancy – you’re in the daylight normally so it’s no different – but isn’t recommended just due to the effects it has on your skin. Sunbathing can cause sunburn, skin aging, and even skin cancer, so it’s best to avoid it for your own sake.

Final thoughts

In short, self-tanners are safe to use during pregnancy, but it’s important that you are sensible with them, and use your judgment. Compared to other methods, self-tanner is still the safest to achieve your bronze glow whilst pregnant and won’t cause any damage to your baby. If you have any concerns or worries, you can always speak to your doctor.

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