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What To Wear When Getting A Spray Tan (Examples)

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When you book your first spray tan appointment, it can be exciting, but also scary at the same time. It’s a new experience and you’ll want to make sure that everything goes perfectly. Here’s some help with what you should wear to your spray tan appointment.

I’m getting a spray tan, what should I wear?

When you are dressing for a spray tan, there are some ideas which can guide you, but it ultimately depends on you, and what you want from the spray tan. By this, I mean what occasion or purpose you are getting the spray tan for.

  • If you are getting your spray tan during the wintertime, for casual wear and just to maintain your colour year-round, you don’t need to be so picky about what you wear, as you’ll most like be covering up a lot at this time anyway. Anything should do, to be honest, and this also applies for anyone who is not planning to show much skin with their spray tan.
  • If you are getting a spray tan before a vacation, or any time when you’re planning to go to the beach or wear a bikini, you obviously want to have minimal tan lines visible. For this reason, a thong and skimpy bra or bikini top is your best option. One good idea is to wear the bikini bottoms and top which show the most skin (and are strapless if possible) to your appointment because then you know you have spray tanned enough.
  • If your spray tan is for any other summer occasion, or a party, you also don’t need to worry too much about what you wear, but perhaps consider the straps or neckline on your party dress, or the style neckline you wear the most as this will mean you don’t end up showing your stark tan lines.

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What tops should I wear?

After your spray tan application, you’ll have to wait for a few hours (the person who sprayed you will tell you about this) before hopping in the shower and rinsing any excess tan off. During this time, there is the possibility of some excess product transferring onto your clothes, so you should be aware of this and keep it in mind when choosing what clothes to wear.

In general, anything loose, baggy and dark-colored is the safest option, and covering as little skin as possible is also a good idea. By this, choosing something short-sleeved, if it’s warm enough, is best as this makes the least contact with your skin for a potential transfer.

What To Wear When Getting A Spray Tan

  • Loose, dark tank tops are probably the best option, if it’s possible, as they cover the least skin while still being loose and not sticking to the skin.
  • Baggy t-shirts or loose jumpers are both good – just make sure you don’t sweat if you’re wearing a jumper.
  • Avoid things like tight turtleneck tops or long sleeve tops where possible.
  • Avoid tops which are skin-tight and stick to your body as these will rub against your tan, making it transfer.
  • Make sure that whatever you are wearing is comfortable and not too warm or cold.
  • Anything which is too warm will make you sweat and this should be avoided during the development stage of a spray tan.

What bottoms should I wear?

The excess product transfer mentioned earlier also applies to your bottom half, too. As well as picking out a suitable top for the occasion, you’ll also want to find some bottoms which you can wear post-spray tan appointment.

Like before, choosing something baggy and dark will prevent too much staining on your clothes, as this won’t show up on darker colours, and baggy clothes won’t stick to your skin for the tan to transfer onto. If you’re stuck, here are some ideas:

  • Dark jogging bottoms of sweatpants are good for colder weather, and oversized or baggy ones are also best. Just make sure that you don’t get too hot and sweat in them.
  • Tight jeans or trousers are probably not suitable for your spray tan because the material rubs along the skin and creates lots of friction, which causes the colour to transfer. You also don’t want to ruin any nice trousers with staining as this would be very disappointing.
  • Leggings and yoga pants can be an okay option, but they may cause some transfer.
  • If possible, shorts are the best option possible, especially ones made from a loose, jersey fabric as they’ll be comfy, and won’t rub against your legs much.

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What about the underwear?

As mentioned earlier, you want to consider the occasion for which you’ll be flaunting your new tan and use this to decide your underwear for the appointment. If you didn’t realize already, your spray tan application takes place in just your underwear, unless of course, you choose specifically otherwise, so the underwear you have on will affect your tan lines.

One good idea is to consider wearing a bikini for your appointment, rather than underwear. There are a few reasons for this, but the main ones are that a bikini is much easier to wash and less likely to permanently stain than regular underwear, but also that it gives you a more accurate idea of how much skin would be showing in a bikini.

If you choose not to wear a bikini, consider a thong if you are planning to wear a bikini or don’t want to show any tan lines whilst you have your spray tan on.

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Final thoughts

To sum everything up, the clothes you wear to your spray tan appointment do actually matter, and you should certainly put thought into them before you go. As long as you remember to wear clothes which won’t rub up against your skin much, and in colours which won’t stain if you do happen to experience some colour transfer. Consider where and when you’ll be showing off your spray tan, and use this to judge what you’ll be wearing.

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